OMNY To Replace Metrocard Friday

The MTA's new MetroCard replacing transit payment #OMNY will start THIS FRIDAY at select subway stations, allowing you to use Apple or Google Pay on your phones, or contactless cards. Eventually, OMNY will work for all subways and buses, replacing the Metrocard, but will slowly be phased in, starting with the Lexington Avenue subway line (4,5,6) between Atlantic Ave and Grand Central and all Staten Island buses. OMNY, which stands for One Metro New York, will only be available on a full-fare, pay-per-ride basis until every subway station, bus route, and the Staten Island Railway is outfitted with the new technology. Until then Metrocards will still be available and cash will always be an option for riders without credit cards or phones. The MTA aims to have the system implemented by the end of next year.

We're excited for no more"swipe card again at this turnstile" or expired/insufficient fares causing you to miss your train. What do you think? Will the MTA be able to smoothly implement OMNY?