#MapMondays Triboro RX Subway

A bill has been introduced in the state Assembly to study the feasibility of the proposed Triboro RX subway line, first proposed by the Regional Plan Association @regionalplan in the 90s. The line uses existing abandoned or underutilized rail lines to develop a 24-mile subway line from Co-op City in the Bronx to Bay Ridge Brooklyn with the possibility of extending to Staten Island. The line would have 17 subway connections and 4 commuter lines, drastically improve transportation for the millions of New Yorkers living in transit deserts in the outer boroughs.

The RPA's findings further emphasize the need for the Triboro:

-More New Yorkers commute within the outer boroughs than into Manhattan and the city is gaining more jobs in the outer boroughs.

-New York City’s subways were designed to bring people into Manhattan, not to move them between other boroughs, and the buses that serve the boroughs are slow and unreliable. Residents often travel through Manhattan to get to adjacent boroughs, since even this circuitous route is faster than the alternative – infrequent and unreliable buses.

-In these boroughs, workers spend an average of 53 minutes traveling to Manhattan, but travel for work to adjacent boroughs is longer. A trip from the Bronx to Queens takes 68 minutes each way for the average worker. A trip from Brooklyn to Queens takes 63 minutes for a typical public transit commuter.

-Many borough residents – 59% in the Bronx, 57% in Brooklyn and 36% in Queens – don’t own cars.

-Buses are notoriously unreliable, averaging a speed of only 8mph, typically 2-5 mins late, and on time only half the time.

What do you think of the Triboro RX line? Is NYC capable of producing a modern rail system in the outer boroughs? Comment below.