We’ve done a couple quizzes in the past and always received lots of feedback to do more. This time we are doing an expert level NYC history quiz. Depending on how well people do we may have to follow it up with the blackbelt level quiz next month…

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1. How much did a subway ride cost when it first opened in 1904?

A. 1 cent B. 5 cents C. 10 cents D. 25 cents

Answer: A nickel! When the New York City subway first opened in 1904, a single ride cost 5 cents, with straphangers using a paper ticket to enter the system

2. What building does this cupola belong to?

One of two Park Row Building cupolas

One of two Park Row Building cupolas

Answer: The Park Row Building

3. What is the oldest building in Lower Manhattan?

A. Federal Hall B. St. Paul’s Chapel C. Trinity Church D. Fraunces Tavern

Answer: St. Paul’s Chapel, built in 1766. The original Trinity Church burned down in in the Great Fire of 1776 and was quickly rebuilt. The current (third) Trinity Church replaced the former in 1846, designed by Richard Upjohn and boasting the tallest tower in the city until 1890. Fraunces Tavern is a 1907 reconstruction of the famous inn, with a minor fragments of the original 1719 building remaining. The current Federal Hall (1842) replaced the original 1703 building that was the second City Hall, meeting place of the first US Congress and where Washington was inaugurated.

4. Union Square is named after The Union News newspaper?

Answer: False, but Herald and Times Squares were named after the New York Herald and New York Times newspapers

5. NYC has the most subway stations in the world?

Answer: True, 472 stations. Followed by Shanghai with 324 stations - for now.

6. This three-sided location is Manhattan's smallest piece of real estate?

Answer: Hess Triangle on Seventh and Christopher

Read more about the Hess Triangle in our Favorites.

Hess Triangle in the West Village

Hess Triangle in the West Village

7. There was a toll for pedestrians to cross the Brooklyn Bridge when it first opened?

Answer: True. When the bridge opened in 1883 it cost a penny to cross for pedestrians, 5 cents for a horse and rider, and 10 cents for a horse and wagon. After protest from community groups the pedestrian toll was rescinded in 1891 and to this day the bridge is still free for all forms of transit.

8. This skyscraper has 14 massive Giants looking down at the street

Answer: City Bank Farmers Trust Building - 20 Exchange. One of our favorite NYC skyscrapers, click here to read about it’s amazing history and architecture.

Giants of Finance

Giants of Finance

9. The first subway in NYC used pneumatic power

Answer: True - Beach Pneumatic Transit (1870) that went one block under Broadway

Scientific American , 1870.

Scientific American, 1870.

10. Architect Buckminster Fuller proposed covering Midtown Manhattan with a giant dome in 1960?
Answer: True, Fuller hoped the dome would regulate the weather and reduce air pollution. Luckily it never materialized!

fuller dome.jpg

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