Interfaith as seen from the LIRR. Credit:  AP/Bebeto Matthews.

Interfaith as seen from the LIRR. Credit: AP/Bebeto Matthews.

Interfaith Medical Center
Date: circa 1982 (unverified) 
Architect: Unkown
Address: 1545 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Use: Hospital

Credit: NYC Urbanism, 2017.

Credit: NYC Urbanism, 2017.

Previously St. Josephs Hospital, Interfaith Medical Center is sandwiched between two low-rise brick buildings and the original St. John's Episcopal Hospital and chapel (1927). The complex is located on Atlantic Avenue between Troy and Albany Avenues in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Interfaith is a result of the 1982 merger of the Brooklyn Jewish Medical Center and St. John's Episcopal Hospital, two hospitals that were struggling financially after the borough saw a drastic population shift to the suburbs in the postwar decades. 

The tower's top two floors cantilever out over the base on all sides, supported by large windowless concrete columns. Completely out of context in the historic neighborhood, the concrete behemoth towers over its three neighboring buildings.