American Gargoyles

American Gargoyles


The American Gargoyles have one mission: to save their home. The once-celebrated but now-forgotten Wentworth Building is targeted for destruction by an egomaniacal developer who wants to knock it down to build a giant mirror so he can look at himself all day. Working together, the sooty statues go from being ignored stone carvings to brave and brainy heroes cheered by the entire city.

Neil Cohen is a playwright, journalist and screenwriter who co-wrote and co-directed the underground indie cult comedy Chief Zabu, a film—lost for 30 years—about a New York real estate developer who dreams of having political influence. Neil Cohen’s plays have been produced in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and his non-fiction writing has appeared in Los Angeles Magazine, BUZZ, Playboy, LA Progressive, New Millennium Writings, and New York Magazine; his illustrations have appeared in Esquire. From Queens, New York, Neil Cohen now lives in Santa Monica and The Hudson Valley.

“Zany .. madcap .. raucous” - The New York Times

First Edition Hardcover


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